[freetds] How to setup freetds to connect to named instance

Al Sheppard sheppaa2 at lincoln.ac.nz
Sun Oct 17 19:37:36 EDT 2004


Had just the same hitch a while back, solved it using the port number
that the instance is listening on as each instance listens on a separate
port. How you get that is up to you, but a chat with the admin usually
works wonders.

For example, SQLserver1 defualt listens on port 1433,
SQLserver1\instance1 listens on port 2052 (in our case, I'm not sure if
this is hard and fast), so specify h=SQLserver1 p=2052. Don't use any
referance to the instance name, dosen't make any difference.

Hope that helps.



On 18 Oct 2004 at 1:04, Mark Clarke wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been looking for info on how to setup freetds.conf and odbc.ini
> to connect to a specific instance of ms sql server 2000. I know that the
> jtds driver says you can just append "instance=" to the jdbc url but how
> does one do this for odbc.ini and freetds.conf?
> thanks
> mark
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