[freetds] apache2, php & mssql and inconsistent datas

Mikael pub at grizzli.org
Fri Oct 8 07:36:48 EDT 2004


I am running a website (with mandrake 10, apache 2.0.48-6.3, php4.3.4-3,
freetds-0.61-1, php-mssql-4.3.4-1) and have had some problems with the
connexion to the database.
In fact, unexplained things have happened with our database (SQL Server
2k) which have led to inconsistent datas.

Is it possible that something broken with freetds or its configuration
could have caused the deletion of fields even if there has never been a
"DELETE" instuction sent to the server ?

My question might seem stupid but I prefer to ask it because we have
many difficulties finding out where the problem comes from...

Morevover, when accessing some of these inconsistent datas (user
profiles), apache's error log shows this :

# grep free error_log
free(): invalid pointer 0x8541130!
free(): invalid pointer 0x85f3f50!
free(): invalid pointer 0x85b3a00!
free(): invalid pointer 0x83e8360!
free(): invalid pointer 0x831f1d0!
free(): invalid pointer 0x85e8c50!
free(): invalid pointer 0x8603b50!

Do you have any opinion about that ?

Thanks in advance,

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