[freetds] Re: FreeTDS port to OS/2

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Sun Sep 26 04:49:19 EDT 2004

Il sab, 2004-09-25 alle 20:19, lsunley at mb.sympatico.ca ha scritto:
> In <812240D4-0F27-11D9-BCC3-000A9574B604 at axelero.hu>, on 09/25/04 
>    at 09:17 PM, Daniel Fazekas <fdsubs at axelero.hu> said:
> >On Sep 25, 2004, at 17:27, lsunley at mb.sympatico.ca wrote:
> >> One of the things I would like to do for this port is to remove the 
> >> .conf
> >> file requirements for the configuration. I think I can do this (for the
> >> ODBC driver at least) by reading the conf data from the ODBCINST.INI 
> >> file
> >> and/or the ODBC.INI file. Can anyone see a problem with that?
> >The problem I see is that it's already there.
> ><http://www.freetds.org/userguide/odbcinionly.htm>
> ><http://www.freetds.org/userguide/dsnless.htm>
> That's true for the DSN data set up but when I was tracing the code
> through  the ODBC driver the program still reads freetds.conf (picks up
> the debug log file name )  and locales.conf for character set stuff.
> Those two were the ones I wanted to re-direct to the odbcinst.ini files.
> Lorne

odbcinst.ini it's the location for driver informations so I would
suggest to put all stuff in odbc.ini (just a odbc only extension) under
your connection setting and define some default (english or system
default) to replace general locales.conf.


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