[freetds] Problems with large image transfers.

David Lambert dlambert at lambsys.com
Wed Sep 22 12:17:14 EDT 2004

Thompson, Bill D (London) wrote:

>Hi Dave,
>Might I suggest that you take a look at one of our dblibrary test
>These can be found in src/dblib/unittests . 
>There are two programs here, called t0013.c and t0014.c , which do
>precisely this.
>These could be easily adapted into a program that would do what you
>They use standard dblibrary functions which may already be known to you.
>If not, they are documented on both Sybase and MS (SQL server BOL).
Thanks. I will try and hack these.

>If you don't feel happy about adapting these programs, I'll happily
>knock something up for you...if you can wait a few days.
Let me try rolling my own first. I need to get to know dblib better 
anyway, and would like to write a simple Python wrapper module.

Again, thanks,


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