[freetds] Unable to connect to Data Source using iodbctest

Daniel Fazekas fdsubs at axelero.hu
Wed Sep 22 12:07:58 EDT 2004

On Sep 22, 2004, at 17:42, Lee, Gary wrote:

> - Yes, version 8 for MS SQL SERVER 2000, as can be found in many 
> places in the documentation.  But I tried 4.2 and 7 also with no luck.

It's not "8", it's "8.0"
Corresponding manual entry:

> - "Why you need this?"  So the drivers and iodbctest program can find 
> the files.

They do not need environment variables for that if you keep everything 
in the default directories established at compile time.

> - "Read the manual" - Oh, gee, never thought of that.  Maybe next time 
> you could point to a document or section that would be helpful.

Most likely it's the FreeTDS manual's ODBC section:

More specifically, you seem to be looking for an ODBC-only setup, 
without taking advantage of the freetds.conf file:


I think your problem is due to one of the following:

- Try "Server" instead of "Host" and is "qa1" a working name on your 
system? Why did you use a numerical address in the freetds.conf + tsql 

- Since you are setting up ODBC to ignore your freetds.conf entry, and 
you also don't have a global TDS version override specified in 
freetds.conf, the TDS version used will be determined by the 
compile-time default. If you haven't told the configure script 
otherwise, it will be 5.0 which is incompatible with MSSQL servers.
Add a TDS_Version setting to your odbc.ini as detailed in the FreeTDS 


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