[freetds] Problems with large image transfers.

David Lambert dlambert at lambsys.com
Mon Sep 20 22:48:07 EDT 2004

Apologies for the possible repost, but I got no reply and am not certain 
if the original got to the group.

I am having problems using freebcp when transferring large images. If I 
use character format the program exits with a segmentation fault. Using 
the following format statement, I get:

Msg 20049, Level 4
Data-conversion resulted in overflow.

The format file is:

1 SYBIMAGE 0 100000    "\t"    5    snap_data

Using gdb on freebcp. The dbconvert routine is entered as follows:

dbconvert (dbproc=0x9c881e8, srctype=34, src=0x9cbe698 "ÿØÿà", srclen=4096,
  desttype=34, dest=0x9caa998 "", destlen=255) at dblib.c:1673

This seems to indicate that the program thinks that the destination 
length  (255?) is shorter than the source length (4096).

Am I completely off the mark here? I am a newcomer to freeTDS, so please 
forgive my naive conclusions.

Any help would be appreciated.


Dave Lambert

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