[freetds] Problem compiling on AIX

Chris Eleveld ihermit2 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 20 15:54:25 EDT 2004

It is a long time remembering back to my AIX 4.3.3 development days but the libtool commands do not look appropriate for building an AIX shared object under 4.3.3 IBM has greatly simplified this under 5.2 but My guess would be look for a newer or older libtool that understands AIX 4.3.3

Martin Spott <Martin.Spott at uni-duisburg.de> wrote:
> I am unable to compile freeTDS on AIX.
> I can get things up and running fine on Solaris and Linux ok but no go
> on AIX.
> VisualAge C++ compiler version 5

Is there a trial version of this compiler one could use to verify in
another environment? Wth GCC-3.3.3 I always get obscure error messages
for files with comments like this "/**" ....

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