[freetds] DBLIB: lost connection on second client

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Thu Sep 16 10:11:20 EDT 2004

> I'm using TDS 0.62.4 modified to work in DOS with Watcom C 11.0 and
> connect to a SQL Server 2000.
> I'm working with two clients DOS.
> I do some Quey on the second client, after other SQL query on 
> the first
> client and immediately I found the connection lost on the 
> second client
> ( DBDEAD(..) return TRUE ) and with a query on the Server 
> with SP_WHO, I
> found only the first client connected.
> Why and how a client work can disconnect a second client from the
> Server?
> Thanks
> Flaviano

Well... a new supported OS ? Can you post a patch (or send my your
modified version) ? 

I have no idea... I imagine that two clients means two machines so every
client have it's private and indipendent conversation with the server.
If you have not removed logging code you can enable it and see where the
client stops. 


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