[freetds] Character set problem

Hannu Niemi hannu at listserv.kuntaliitto.fi
Wed Sep 15 05:12:19 EDT 2004


I have been digging most of this day about my problem with FreeTDS. I 
prefer not to ask when I can find the solution myself, but now I am 
pressed by the schedule :(

My main target is PHP-language, but the problem manifests itself also 
when using TSQL and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. I'd guess the problem 

In short, the problem is our national characters (with umlauts) that 
are converted to question marks (in SELECT queries at least). When 
debugging for example 'a umlaut' is hex 84 (CP850?). The server 
collation is SQL_Scandinavian_CP850_CI_AS.

I am running this on SuSE 8.1 and FreeTDS protocol version is 8.0

So, what could and/should I do?

Best regards from Finland

Hannu Niemi
Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

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