[freetds] Freetds PHP problem

Kelley, Peter Peter at radiator.com
Wed Sep 8 17:01:53 EDT 2004

Per your suggestion...

I believe we should set ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings on the SQL servers.


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> From: Kelley, Peter
> Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 1:39 PM
> I recently built a new server (RedHat ES 3.0) upgrading Freetds from
> version 0.61.2 to version 0.62.4.  I'm using Freetds with PHP, and the
> PHP version remains the same at 4.3.4.
> After upgrading, accessing MSSQL Server from PHP, the connection
> settings changed.  Specifically ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings were no
> longer set.
> Checking connection settings:
> FROM PHP 4.3.4/Freetds 0.62.4 ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings NOT set 
> FROM PHP 4.3.4/Freetds 0.61.2 ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings set
> FROM tsql, Freetds 0.62.4 ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings set
> FROM tsqsl, Freetds 0.61.2 ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings set

You did everything right.  It's an implementation change.  See the
ChangeLog entry for Tue Jun 24 16:58:35 EDT 2003.  

The 7.0 login packet contains a bit telling the server whether or not
the client is an ODBC driver.  If set, the server reacts by enabling its
ODBC default settings, among which are ansi_nulls and ansi_warnings.
db-lib connections, including PHP using the mssql extension, get
different defaults that match Sybase's original choices.  

Prior to my change, a db-lib connection (incorrectly) would set the ODBC
bit, leading to behavior inconsistent with the vendors' db-lib

I'm sorry this change wasn't made clear in the README.  While it's a
move in the direction of greater compatibility, it's also inconsistent
with prior versions, in a subtle way that could easily introduce errors.
It should have been highlighted.  

> Is there a way to change the connection settings in PHP or
> freetds? (I know I can set them on the server)?

I don't know.  If not, you might consider undoing the change in login.c,
bearing in mind that db-lib applications typically assume
non-ANSI-compliant NULL handling, and maybe reminding your SQL folks to
be wary of assumptions about ANSI compliance.  (If you have any fans of
ISQL.EXE -- a db-lib app -- in your shop, relying on default setttings
is apt to bite sooner or later.)  But this patch should do the trick:

--- src/tds/login.c     24 Jun 2003 21:07:14 -0000      1.101
+++ src/tds/login.c     10 Jun 2003 07:22:24 -0000      1.100
@@ -748,6 +748,9 @@
        if (domain_login)
                option_flag2 |= 0x80;   /* enable domain login security

+       option_flag2 |= 0x02;   /* client is an ODBC driver
+       option_flag2 |= 0x01;   /* change to initial language must
succeed          */
        tds_put_byte(tds, option_flag2);

        tds_put_byte(tds, sql_type_flag);

(Of course, I'm not going to undo the change in CVS.)  

Hope that helps.  


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