[freetds] Re: Directory /usr/local is not a FreeTDS installation directory

Joel (Yossel) West joel at joelwest.com
Tue Sep 7 20:27:39 EDT 2004

Try --with-mssql=/usr

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> On Sep 8, 2004, at 1:42, Petri Laihonen wrote:
>> FreeTDS was installed from RPMS
>> (freetds-0.62.1-1 and freetds-devel-0.62.1-1)
>> My PHP version is 4.3.8, which I'm trying to compile MSSQL support
>> into.
>> If I configure PHP with an option
>> --with-mssql=/usr/local
>> I get the error mentioned in subject line.
> Do a
> rpm -ql freetds freetds-devel
> to see where the freetds files ended up on your system.
> FreeTDS's default these days is a prefix of /usr/local, but whoever
> made those rpms could have changed it.

I downloaded the RPM's from freetds.org d/l page.

$ "rpm -ql freetds freetds-devel" Result listed at the end.

I already tried with;
And no luck....

Which one of these files and their location would PHP configuration
process recognize? Any other alternatives?



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