[freetds] 'make check' problems

Joe Garstka joe at trader-direct.com
Tue Sep 7 11:49:12 EDT 2004

No matter what options I use to build, and regardless of what I put in
/usr/local/freetds/etc/freetds.conf file, I get a "10 of 13 tests failed"
when I 'make check'.  If I proceed with the install, any call to a mssql
function in PHP seg faults.  Here are my configure options:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/freetds --with-tdsver=8.0 --enable-msdblib -
-enable-dbmfix --with-gnu-ld

The box is Slackware Linux 8.1 and I'm connecting to a MS SQL 2000 server.
For the 'make check' issue, I've tried setting up the freetds.conf file, and
I've also setup PWD in the build directory with the proper user/pass info --
nothing seems to work.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Joe Garstka
Application Developer - TraderDirect
503.233.2505 (phone)
800.446.2505 (toll free)
503.230.2108 (fax)

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