[freetds] On SQLPrepare -> SQLNumResultCols -> SQLExecute function sequence

Michael Kochetkov Michael.Kochetkov at synartra.com
Wed Sep 1 14:05:51 EDT 2004

I have the following problem with FreeTDS 0.62 and 0.63: the library I use
calls SQLNumResultCols after SQLPrepare (before SQLExecute).
SQLNumResultCols returns SQL_SUCCESS, but the number of result columns is
set to 0. SQLNumResultCols returns the correct number of columns in the
Windows platform.
The problem was discussed here a little bit earlier:
http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/freetds/2004q2/016335.html. I have read
it as it shall work for 0.63. But it does not.
Here goes the question: do you plan to support the SQLPrepare ->
SQLNumResultCols -> SQLExecute function sequence? And if you do then what
are approximate time constraints?

Thank you in advance,
Michael Kochetkov.

P.S. The versions of software I use:
tsql -C 
Compile-time settings (established with the "configure" script):
                            Version: freetds v0.63.dev.20040824
     MS db-lib source compatibility: no
        Sybase binary compatibility: unknown
                      Thread safety: no
                      iconv library: yes
                        TDS version: 8.0
                              iODBC: no
                           unixodbc: yes

isql --version
unixODBC 2.2.8

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