[freetds] error_handler: Data-conversion resulted in overflow.

Eric es at fruitcom.com
Tue Aug 31 04:58:41 EDT 2004

We are using freetds to connect to a MSQL database.

When reading certain tables, we have no errors but other tables give
the error:
error_handler: Data-conversion resulted in overflow.
for each line of results.

This does not occur with other drivers that we use on this database.

Could someone please advise possible cause of error and how we might fix it.

The table where we have an error is pretty standard as follows FWIW:

        EventTypeKey         smallint NOT NULL,
        EventKey             int IDENTITY,
        OrgTainerKey         char(6) NULL,
        DocumentExternalReference varchar(20) NULL,
        DocumentDate         smalldatetime NOT NULL,
        StartDate            smalldatetime NULL,
        EndDate              smalldatetime NULL,
        Narrative            varchar(50) NULL,
        CapturedBy           varchar(20) NULL,
        EntryDate            smalldatetime NOT NULL,
        Status               tinyint NULL


Eric Smith

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