[freetds] SQLBindParameter incorrectly binds as varchar

Brad Midgley bmidgley at xmission.com
Mon Aug 30 22:35:34 EDT 2004


>>But rather than being bound as an integer, it's bound as a varchar and 
>>chokes when the query is executed.
> Perhaps openldap bound again this parameter later ?? Can you post
> unixODBC log ??

You may be right. Even after reading openldap's back-sql backend it is 
hard to imagine exactly what is happening.

I didn't know there was something out there to turn on logging. How do I 
get logging? Do I use an API command to turn it on, recompile freetds 
with an option, recompile unixodbc with a debug option, or something 
like that?

> It seems that some Sybase prepare stuff require SQLDescribeParam and
> related (still not supported).

I haven't heard of this problem.

In the meantime I've changed openldap to insert "convert(integer,?)" 
wherever it tries to bind an integer parameter. But now I have to use a 
grossly hacked openldap server to get it all to work.


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