[freetds] freetds, iodbc and odbctest on solaris not working..

Knight, Lloyd Lloyd.Knight at adc.com
Mon Aug 30 15:31:56 EDT 2004

thank you for the suggestions.
i will start again, again.....

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On Aug 30, 2004, at 17:09, Knight, Lloyd wrote:

>>> 4.2 ?? mssql 6.5 ?? Sybase < 10 ??
> the above line means nothing to me.

Freddy means it doesn't make much sense to use TDS version 4.2 unless 
you are running an extremely old version of MSSQL (6.5) or Sybase 
earlier than 10.

Use 5.0 for Sybase servers, 7.0 for MSSQL 7.0 and 8.0 for MSSQL 2000.

> i guess my original question stands:
> can i do this on solaris?

It should be possible to get it to work. I can't say I ever had a 
Solaris system.

>> SQLDriverConnect = [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Read from SQL server failed., 
>> SQLDriverConnect = [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Login incorrect., 
>> SQLSTATE=28000
> do i need?  is there a magic LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting? does odbctest 
> need
> to be re-compiled like suggested below?

Don't fix what isn't broken. That you are getting FreeTDS and SQL 
Server messages imply you are almost there. That you are getting this 
far should mean it's only a configuration problem.

Your odbc ini files seem to be overly complicated.
Things like you are referencing the whole libtdsodbc.so file in 
odbc.ini so your odbcinst.ini is not used, and you are also ignoring 
everything you set inside freetds.conf by using the full hostnames 
instead of referencing a Servername.

I also urge you consult the FreeTDS manual again, I don't believe we 
could explain things any better and I cannot see how could you end up 
with configuration files like yours after reading the manual. ;)

This page describes a simple setup, using only a freetds.conf and 
odbc.ini file:



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