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Klecha, John J. JKlecha at seic.com
Mon Aug 30 15:09:59 EDT 2004

thanks for the insight.


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On Aug 30, 2004, at 19:32, Klecha, John J. wrote:

> Here's the problem... I'm not familiar with GNU based installers.  
> Though the scripts run through to the end, I can't tell if the 
> configure and make commands actually worked.

The easiest and most convenient is probably to check the return value 
aka exit status.
A zero exit status means the command succeeded.

That's why you could neatly chain commands together with && and your 
shell will stop executing the subsequent steps if an error occurs, for 

./configure && make && make install

In bash, $? holds the most recent exit status.

Of course the text output of the configure and make commands shouldn't 
be as cryptic as to make it hard to figure out if they were successful. 

> Where do the make/make install scripts log to?

Nowhere - make dumps everything onto standard output and stderr.  You 
can redirect it to a file if you want to.

> Where does the "tsql" command live?

After make install, inside PREFIX/bin. That's /usr/local/bin by default.

> Anything else to look for besides the "tsql" command to verify 
> successful installation?

There's a "make test" command included in FreeTDS for some exhaustive 
automated tests.

> I'm not sure if the install was bad or if I need to change some 
> environment variables... I added the variable "FREETDS" pointing to 
> the install location, didn't seem to make a difference.

That won't make a difference in finding FreeTDS binaries.
As usual, finding tsql depends on your PATH environment variable on 
where your system looks for binaries without a path name.

Note that tsql is not meant to be a replacement for isql or used for 
batch processing, it's mostly intended for testing purposes only. Look 
into bsqldb (included with FreeTDS) or sqsh <http://www.sqsh.org> 


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