[freetds] Help me. About dbproc's memory leak

ldai ldai at accunettech.com
Fri Aug 27 03:52:41 EDT 2004

     My test env is freetds-0.62.4+dblib+c+sqlserver+linux 9.
     When I traced problem about core dump, I found a memory leak.
     I am just to do connection and relase action in our test code. When I 
can't success in connecting database, the (DBPROCESS *)dbproc return NULL.
I can't use dbclose to clear this structure. If you do dbclose(dbproc),you 
will get a error :Segmentation fault (core dumped). When I use top command to 
check memory, I found the memory leak very fast.
   Could you tell me how to close dbproc when it is NULL?
  Or give me some advices.
  Thank you very much.

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