[freetds] Freetds,unixODBC,RH Ent Linux

Walls Rob W Contr 75 CS/SCBS Rob.Walls at HILL.af.mil
Fri Aug 20 17:30:06 EDT 2004

Trying to get RH Ent Linux 3 to talk to MS SQL. I'd like to use PHP to
script it once it works. 

tsql -H [IP] -U [user] -p 1433 
tsql -S TDS -U [user] -p 1433
Connects to and queries the db just fine after making an entry in

I think my problem may be no ODBC driver (.so file). There are many
lib*odbc*.so files in /usr/lib, but no libtdsodbc.so file.
So, I tried to compile FreeTDS with 
./configure --with-tdsver=7.0 --with-unixodbc,
But many errors occur, apparently because there's no sql.h, sqlext.h or
odbcinst.h on the system. 

So I tried the RPM (v0.62.1-1). I never tried tsql before that, so I don't
know what would have happened, but it doesn't provide the driver file.

isql doesn't work. Apparently because the system DSN is not correctly set up
(where's that driver anyway?). 
I used KDE's ODBCConfig GUI thingy to set up the DSN, but don't know what
driver and setup to use. I tried various combinations of /usr/lib/libtds.so,
/usr/lib/libtdsS, /usr/lib/libtdssrv.so (which all exist) for the setup and
driver files, but no luck.

For all I know, unixODBC may be the problem. The freetds docs talk about
installing the Driver Manager BEFORE trying to compile. I'm not sure what
that is or where to get it, but I though the ODBCConfig stuff would be the
driver manager. Anyway, I'm hoping someone here can point me toward the

Rob Walls 
Hill AFB, UT 84056 
PH (801) 777-2230 
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