[freetds] [patch] Add CS_SERVERADDR, CS_VER_STRING, CS_VERSION to ctlib

Alex Kiesel alex.kiesel at document-root.de
Tue Aug 17 08:23:20 EDT 2004


the attached patch includes the following changes:
* ct_config():
  - implemented CS_VER_STRING (this returns the following format:
    "freetds v0.63.dev.20040814 (non-threadsafe, default tds
  - implemented CS_VERSION (this returns the following:
    "freetds v0.63.dev.20040814"
    (both are from tds_get_compiletime_settings())
  - on failure return CS_FAIL instead of CS_FALSE to comply with
    documentation. Both constants are of same value, so this is not a BC

* ct_con_props():
  - implemented CS_SERVERADDR property
    this property can be used to override the servername and port from
    the interfaces file; this was possible with "server:port" notation
    with FreeTDS before, but this method is compatible to Sybase's one.
    See also: <1088147142.2082.34.camel at elanor.peppler.org> on this

Furthermore, one question: shouldn't ct_config(), ct_con_props() and
similar function be changed to return CS_FAIL in case the given property
was unknown (not implemented) or ignored?

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