[freetds] tsql segfaults?

Drange, Bernt Andreas bernt.andreas.drange at imr.no
Tue Aug 17 04:10:40 EDT 2004


I trying to install freetds on a redhat 7.0 system. The setup on this
box is a bit weird, but I actually managed to compile and install the
system, so I am a bit surprised to experience segfaults when trying to
start tsql. 

I compiled both freetds-0.63.dev.20040812 and 20040816 with: 

The version of unixODBC that is installed is really old, from 2001

Does anybody have any advice? 

Is this all my fault or have I discovered som weird bug? I couldn't find
any 'system requirements' (regarding unixODBC or the like) on the
freetds website.. 

Cheers, Bernt! 

Bernt Andreas Drange
Institute of Marine Research
Tel:  +47 5523 8500 / Direct: +47 5523 6984
E-mail: post at imr.no / Direct: bernt.andreas.drange at imr.no

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