[freetds] Oracle Generic Connectivity: error: Record <table> has no fields. Loading failed

Erik van Wijk erik_vanwijk at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 16 04:12:46 EDT 2004


Also I was able to get Oracle 10G and unixODBC and freeTDS working!!

After some time I understood the configuration better.
- I used a freedts.conf free setup of ODBC.ini
- compiled freedts   freetds-0.63.dev.20040811  with:
./configure --prefix=/appl/freetds --with-tdsver=4.2 
--with-unixodbc=/appl/unixODBC --enable-developing"

When I added "TDS_Version     = 8.0" to odbc.ini of unixODBC it all worked!!
(Using Sql server 2000 )

Probably using configure --with-tdsver=8.0 was a better option.

Later I got problems again: Reading data from an uniqueidentifier leads in 
Oracle to:  ORA-00942
Table or view does not exist. Casting the uniqueidentifier solved the 
( Created a view on the table in sql sever which did the casing: 
CAST(<uniqueidentifier> AS varchar(36)) )

Many thanks to the FreeTDS team from me too.


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>This does work!  Many thanks to the FreeTDS team.
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> >
> > We tried and tried to get this to work.  There is something
> > about 10g that's
> > different.  As a work around, I loaded the jtds driver into
> > Oracle and then
> > created java stored procedures to duplicate most of the
> > functionality.  This
> > doesn't help with pass through SQL, but it might solve your problem.
> >
> > As a side note, we tested the trial version of the DataDirect
> > ODBC driver
> > and it was successful with 10g.  However the cost is so
> > outrageous that we
> > are looking at plan C.
> >
>Today I got a report (from Jun Chen) which tell tell current CVS works
>with 10g... after disabling logs (unixODBC and FreeTDS) all it's
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