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pdjekic at smail.uni-koeln.de pdjekic at smail.uni-koeln.de
Mon Aug 16 04:04:27 EDT 2004


ive tried it in the command line and got the following error:
'tsql: iconv.c:343: tds_iconv_open: Assertion `ret == 0' failed.'

i got that error before, thats why i configure with the '--disable-libiconv'
switch in the first place?

Any1 can help? Thanks!

Quoting Daniel Fazekas <fdsubs at axelero.hu>:

> On Aug 15, 2004, at 2:20, Petar Djekic wrote:
> > and PHP using './configure --mssql=/usr/local/freetds --mysql=/usr
> > --with-apxs2=/etc/httpd/bin/apxs' and few others..
> > both complied fine and PHP says its got mssql support in the
> > phpinfo()..
> Then your PHP configure line must have read --with-mssql as --mssql 
> wouldn't have worked.
> > now when i run an php script just containing '<?php $sql =
> > mssql_connect(server, user, pass) ?>' i get an 'Zero Sized Reply'
> That sounds like php segfaulting your apache child process.
> There's probably a line saying "Segmentation fault" in your apache 
> error_log file.
> A common mistake is trying to use a host name or IP address as the 
> server parameter for mssql_connect, while it should be a freetds.conf 
> server entry's name. Still, that wouldn't cause a segfault.
> I'd check your script with the cli (command line) php interpreter first 
> of all to eliminate Apache until you figure out your problem.
> Make sure you are running a recent version of both FreeTDS and PHP, 
> especially if it's your Mac you are trying to make it work on.
> > Also, how can i run any SQL queries in tsql?
> Last time I checked, you could simply type them in. :) Or am I 
> confusing it with something?
> James' recent bsqldb tool or sqsh (a separate project) are also great 
> for testing.
> When you are using the mssql extension in PHP, you are using FreeTDS' 
> dblib, same as bsqldb.
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