[freetds] Determining buffer size when retrieving data

Magnus Bäck magnus at dsek.lth.se
Sat Aug 14 19:29:09 EDT 2004

Is there a way to determine what destination buffer size is required
when using dbdata()/dbconvert() or dbbind() to retrieve and convert
column data of any type to string form? If not an exact number of bytes,
at least a worst-case figure? Because with newer protocol versions,
a CHAR or VARCHAR can hold >255 characters, yes? Trial-and-error with
increasing buffer size is of course always available, but it'd be nice
to avoid that method.

I have searched the FreeTDS documentation as well as Sybase's own,
and the archives for this list, but to no avail.

Magnus Bäck
magnus at dsek.lth.se

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