[freetds] FreeTDS 0.63 and OpenOffice

Martin Spott Martin.Spott at uni-duisburg.de
Thu Aug 12 10:39:27 EDT 2004

"ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT" wrote:

> my .odbc.ini
> [local]
> Driver      =
> /home/freddy/cpp/freetds/freetds63/src/odbc/.libs/libtdsodbc.so
> Description = Test Server
> Trace       = Yes
> Database    = tempdb

This is the point: For ODBC access I usually tried a database (B) that's
different from the users default database (A).

As long as I set the user's default database (A) I'm able to see the
tables in OOo's database table browser. If I set a different database
(B) for ODBC - even though I can login to the server with 'sqsh' and
browse the tables with 'sp__helptable' on this different database (B) -
I don't get them listed in OOo ....  Oh, no, even more: If I leave that
different database (B) in the ODBC configuration and I change the
default dabase of the user to this different database (B) as well, I
still don't see the tables in OOo's table browser.

The only thing that's currently obvious to me is that I am the owner of
my previous default database (A) and I am not in the new one (B). Aside
from that the previous one (A) was created as a copy of the different

Can anyone confirm ?

P.S.: Yes, I am owner of (A) and user in (B).
 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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