[freetds] RE: bulk insert parallelism (was FreeTDS Digest, Vol 18, Issue 38)

Joseph Geiser joe at mail.paravisions.com
Fri Jul 30 15:05:28 EDT 2004

> Perhaps you could provide a link to the page on Microsoft's web site
> that describes the feature you're talking about?  Because I don't know
> of any parallelism provided by any bcp utility.  
> As a comparison of the documentation shows, there are some features
> Microsoft's bcp.exe provides that freebcp does not, but I 
> can't think of
> anything called "parallelism".  

The "parallelism" I beleve that is being spoken of, is BCP's (and DTS's)
ability to thread the copy process - using multiple threads to populate
multiple tables at the same time.

For example, if one uses DTS (which uses some bcp under the covers), and
copies 4 tables from one database to another, it will usually spawn two
threads, copy the first two, and then reuse those threads to copy the other
two.  If one finishes before the second, the freed up thread will usually
(but not always) start on the third table while the second finishes - and
after the second finishes, it goes on to the fourth.

(If I'm off base here - sorry about that - but it's the only thing I can
think of in terms of bcp and parallel processing.)

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