[freetds] [RE] libtdsodbc is missing

ZIGLIO, Frediano, VF-IT Frediano.Ziglio at vodafone.com
Fri Jul 30 04:11:52 EDT 2004

> Hello Patrick,
> I could not even have imagened ever, that the maitainer of 
> iODBC would be
> helping me, it is a big honour for me.
> I have almost managed with the problem. Yes, everything is ok with the
> package of iODBC as well as with the package of FreeTDS. It's 
> all about my
> crooked hands - iODBC was not even installed on the server, I mean I
> uninstalled it accidentally, that's why I could not find 
> libtdsodbc.so. So
> it's not more the problem with the libtdsidbc, but I am still 
> a lamer in
> connecting Linux to MSSQL server, so I would be very grateful, if you
> could help me with the rest I could not find anywhere.
> The problem appears when I am trying to test ODBC connection using
> iodbctest utility. It prints next message:
> 1: [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Could not find UID parameter (0), 
> But UID is in there! I mean I wrote it in the odbc.ini.
> This is the thing, I wrote to odbc.ini:
> [MyServer70]
> Driver       = /usr/local/lib/libtdsodbc.so
> Description  = MSSQL Server 7.0
> Trace        = No
> Servername   = MyServer70 //I am not sure with it, I just 
> wrote the same
> Database     = veebaas    //name, as the Data Source
> UID          = sa  //This one is not completely clear for me 
> too, should it
>                    //be the UID of user, who connects to the 
> databases on
>                    //the MSSQL server (sa) or the UID of user on Linux
>                    //server (root e.t.c.)?

Please read documentation
(http://www.freetds.org/userguide/odbcconnattr.htm). This UID it's not
used by FreeTDS, you have to specify UID in connection string (or using

> In the freetds.conf I wrote:
> [MyServer70]
>        host =
>        port = 1433
>        tds version = 7.0
> I suppose that everything should be ok here, but where could 
> be the problem?
> With my all respect,
> Konstantin


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