[freetds] Problem with OTL & bulk insert

Piet De Jong piet at ahead-tech.net
Wed Jul 28 10:56:04 EDT 2004


Attached a simple little test program that is supposed to batch-insert a number of rows.

What's supposed to happen ( and works on Windows + ODBC ) is that the insert statements are buffered in batches of 50 and then send to the database.
This saves 49 round-trips for every 50 inserts.

Unfortunately this does not seem to work on freetds ( or not implemented ). It seems to only insert the first one of every batch.

If I change the buffer-size for the insert to 1, then it works fine ( also the select statement with a buffer of 50 )... However this defeats the performance issue.

Currently I am using version: freetds-0.63.dev.20040514.tgz

attached are:
- sample source code
- odbctrace file
- otlv4.h file

( ps I am using libiodbc-3.51.1 )
Please advise if you need more information.

Best regards

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