FW: [freetds] libtdsodbc is missing

Konstantin Poltev kokach at ut.ee
Wed Jul 28 10:51:54 EDT 2004

Thanks, but I do not use unixODBC, I use iODBC. As far as I know unixODBC
demands X-windows to be installed on server, but I do not want to install
whatever GUI. Is there any opportunity to get libtdsodbc with iodbc? I ran
./configure with --with-iodbc for sure.

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> When you run the ./configure for FreeTDS, make sure you add
> --with-unixodbc
> That tells the automake routines to create libraries needed for
> UnixODBC.  I'm assuming that's the direction you're heading.  I replied
> privately as this is covered in the documentation
> unixODBC can be downloaded from http://www.unixodbc.org make sure that
> you use the --disable-gui option on ./configure if you get errors
> finding the X includes.
> Then run
> 	make clean; ./configure --with-unixodbc; make; make install
> from your FreeTDS directory.  That should wipe out any old compiles you
> had, reconfigure for unixodbc, compile, and then finally install into
> the proper library directories.
> Good luck, and I hope you work it out.
> --Scott
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> Hello there.
> I am new to the freetds as well as to Linux, but I need to connect the
> damned server to the MsSQL-server on another computer A.S.A.P. According
> to the target I was trying to do this through the FreeTDS. But. I
> suddenly
> realise, that the library, which is used in every sample I could find,
> libtdsodbc.so, is missing on my machine. I was trying to re-install
> FreeTDS, but id didn't solve the problem.
> What can it be?
> T.I.A.
> Kokach
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