[freetds] Freepascal with FreeTDS/UnixODBC The saga continues

Scott Johnson scomps at purplewire.org
Fri Jul 23 16:35:53 EDT 2004

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I interface with FreePascal via the 'odbcsql' unit that is included with
FreePascal.  It is intended to talk with unixODBC.  The strange thing was
that I got it all working properly on a test system (RH9) and then set it
all up over again, on a Debian system on the active network at my job.  Then
I started getting different failures.  On the debian system I had to use
that $LINKLIB directive, but on the RH9 system I didn't.  (I copied the
entire codebase for the test application from one machine to the other)

The 'program' I'm using is a slightly modified 'testodbc.pp' example that
came with freepascal.  The only modifications originally were to specify the
DSN, passwords etc.

I'll be glad to share what I have with anyone that's interested.  The
ODBCsql unit for FreePascal isn't documented very well.  It only has the
function definitions, structures, types and constants listed without any
explanation of how they're called or what the return values might be (other
than type)

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> Once again, more exhaustive searching solved it.  In this case, the
> assertion was tripped by freepascal.
> It needed {$LINKLIB "c"} as the first line of the program code   (I'm
> posting this so future folks might find it in the archives)
> --Scott
> PS.  Sorry for all the mails

Don't mind for all mails. However I suspect some type of memory/heap
corruption somewhere. You are the first who it's trying FreeTDS with
FreePascal and the first that had these strange problems... Linux it's a
well tested platform and FreeTDS it's tested against some memory
debugger (I test sometimes with ElectricFence, someone else use
dmalloc). There are some places to look. For example how did you
interface FreePascal with unixODBC ?? There is a module for unixODBC ?

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