[freetds] RE: changing database- newbie question

Nicki Handy nhandy at assumption.edu
Thu Jul 22 13:30:16 EDT 2004

Well, I tried both of those- the first one produces this error but 
seems to connect successfully: (though it could be failing without 
telling me, i'm using strict) AC_MassBatch is my table

Server message number=208 severity=16 state=1 line=1 text=AC_MassBatch 
not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to check whether the 
object exists (sp_help may produce lots of output).

I'm not sure how to use sp_help or if I have it installed- have been 
looking for directions.

The second suggestion failed right away with this error:
DBD::Sybase - can't change context to database qsampledb

I'm curious if there is not something on the server that is preventing 
me from connecting. But the two databases were set up the same way on 
the same machine.


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