[freetds] Is it impossible to use FreeTDS under OpenVMS 6.3 ?

Craig A. Berry craigberry at mac.com
Wed Jul 21 10:26:57 EDT 2004



At 3:17 PM +0200 7/21/04, buerger at sunserv.kfki.hu wrote:
>Is anyone on the list, who has tried to use FreeTDS under OpenVMS

Are you sure there is a 6.3?  I thought 6.2-1 was the end of the line
for 6.x.  In any case bear in mind you are using a release of the OS
that is at least 10 years old and long since dropped off the support
matrix by its vendor.

Find out what you've really got by typing:

$ cc/version NL:

>Yes, I read the User's Guide, where it is told that FreeTDS can be
>used in OpenVms 7.0 or later. But what is the problem with the lower
>VMS versions?  Does it lie in the  difference between the 32/64 bit
>addressing systems? Is it impossible to cope with that problem?

No known problem, and with a recent version of the C compiler you
might not have all that much trouble, though you will probably find
some additional functions not present in the C library and will have
to deal with those on a case by case basis.

>I should like to use FreeTDS between OpenVMS and MS SQL Server 2000.
>I would be very grateful for any comments.

I am doing this successfully on OpenVMS Alpha 7.1, a seven-year-old
OS version, as well as more recent versions.  Going back further than
that seems like asking for trouble, but if that's what you've got,
why not give it a try and see what happens?
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