[freetds] status of SQL_ATTR_ROW_BIND_TYPE?

Daly, Fergal fergal.daly at accpac.com
Wed Jul 21 09:24:11 EDT 2004

> From: Frediano Ziglio [mailto:freddyz77 at tin.it]
> I don't remember exactly the patch... perhaps you are speaking about
> patch to remove warning... It's not so difficult to implement that
> change however it's not so easy at it seems. For this reason we
> implement it not allowing more than one row at a time. Your 
> application
> have to support this case (or your application it's not
> ODBC-compliant... refer to specifications if you don't believe it...)

I believe you :) The problem is that we require it for our application. The
data access patterns are such that reading a row at a time is just too slow,
we need a client-side static cursor. Of course if you can suggest a way of
achieving that without row-wise binding I'd be very happy but altering the
way the application uses data is not an option for me.

I'll give your cvs snapshot a go, in the next few days, thanks,


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