[freetds] Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Beta 1

Frank M. Kromann frank at kromann.info
Thu Jul 1 18:37:52 EDT 2004

Hi James,

> [Perhaps some kind person would be moved to enhance the PHP sample in
src/samples? That would give a PHP newcomer something to work from.] 
I would be happy to work on this, but right now I think a new TDS based
PHP driver (dblib/ctlib/tds based) has a higher priority. First of all to
get rid of Microsofts DBLIB implementation, but also to build on the new
unified PDO model in PHP5. I expect to get some time to work on this over
the next couple of weeks.

I do have some sample code that I used for an article about the MSSQL
extension that I can post, but the documentation page
http://php.net/mssql_execute provides a very good sample to get started

- Frank

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