[freetds] unixODBC via FreeTDS, PHP and Stored Procedure Help

Joseph Geiser joe at mail.paravisions.com
Thu Jul 1 16:46:06 EDT 2004

> We now have a db-lib test facility: bsqldb, first included in 
> 0.62.3.  (If you want a man page, though, get a nightly 
> snapshot.)  The attached script works with bsqldb; I'd be 
> curious to know if isql can process it, too.  But: all it's 
> doing is T-SQL.  If you use the -v option, bsqldb will show 
> you that no parameters are returned as such to the client.  

Just an FYI... here are the results of this test (some data modified for
obvious reasons)

[joe at server www]# bsqldb -S server -U sa -P pass -D dbname -i odbctest-bsql
-o odbctest-bsql-out -v
bsqldb:157: Verbose operation enabled
bsqldb:207: Query:
        declare @cid cursor, at rcid int, at rpid int, at rtid varchar(20)
        exec mt_testhash @hashin='1h88f9', at hashdata=@cid output
        fetch next from @cid into @rcid, at rpid, at rtid
        while @@fetch_status=0
          print cast(@rcid as varchar(10)) + ' - ' + cast(@rpid as
varchar(10)) + ' - ' + @rtid
          fetch next from @cid into @rcid, at rpid, at rtid
        close @cid
        deallocate @cid

bsqldb:180: dbsqlsend() OK:
bsqldb:188: dbsqlok() OK:
bsqldb:261: calling dbresults OK:
Result set 1
Freeing prior allocations
Allocating buffers
Allocating compute buffers
col     name                            source                          type
size    varys
------  ------------------------------  ------------------------------
---------------  ------  ------

Retrieving return status... Procedure returned 0
1 rows affected
Retrieving output parameters... none
bsqldb:583: dbresults() returned NO_MORE_RESULTS (2):

Is this what should be expected?  Just wondering...  To answer the other
question - isql won't handle the above -- even with \n inserted between
commands and sending it as a single string.


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