[freetds] PHP+MSSQL compile on AIX 5.1

Rafi Sheikh Rafi.Sheikh at Ingenix.com
Thu Jul 1 10:22:29 EDT 2004

The patch is unknown format, got any we could use with unix?  Martin if you
are reading this, do you mind telling me what compiler, and FreeTDS version
you used for Aix 5.1?

Much TIA

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Subject: Re: [freetds] PHP+MSSQL compile on AIX 5.1

Martin Spott wrote:

> There are several occurrences of comments starting with  "/**", for
> example src/tds/mem.c (last line), src/tds/token.c, read.c, write.c
> I just tried compiling the current CVS source and my compiler doesn't
> stop barking:

Would anyone mind applying the following patch ? I replaces every
occurrence of




I don't know it this is "the right thing to do" - the author might have
had something in mind with this notation - but my changes definitely
make FreeTDS more portable ....

Thanks for your attention,
 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !
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