[freetds] Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Beta 1

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
Wed Jun 30 22:51:26 EDT 2004

Oh yeah, it has stored procedures.

You can write them in VB.NET or C#.  I am not kidding.

Talking to Microsoft SQL Server support guys in person, they said MSDE
"IS" SQL Server.  It is a desktop version meant to be used with their
development tools to make it easier to create SQL Server applications.
It is limited though.

When you're ready to go to production, it is a lot easier to migrate a
SQL Server Express or MSDE database then an Access db.

I was successful at getting Query Analyzer to access SQL 2005 Express.  

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On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, brian at bruns.com wrote:
> I don't consider this a huge issue, as this is a replacement for MSDE 
> which is more of an Access replacement than something in the SQL 
> Server line.  They are just trying to leverage SQL Server name, IMNSHO

Is that really the case, Brian?  I mean, Access isn't exactly an unknown
brand itself, but, more important, it speaks a different dialect of SQL.

AIUI (and allowing for some marketing hyperbole) SS2K5E is a drop-in
T-SQL replacement for good ol' SQL Server.  It has stored procedures,
triggers, views.  Access has all that?  

The real question would be, can it be a multi-user database?  Is there
security and isolation?  Is the whole user/group/role implementation
there; do tables have owners and permissions that attach to them?  

If it's multi-user and merely lacking a remote-access protocol (no pun
intended), then frontending it with our server would be a cool and
useful hack IMO.  OTOH, if it doesn't have those things, nothing we can
do will fix it.  

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