[freetds] MSSQL on AIX 5.1

Thompson, Bill D (London) bill_d_thompson at ml.com
Mon Jun 28 12:07:36 EDT 2004

Hey Rafi,

I'm not AIX, but Solaris.
A couple of years ago though I was exactly in your position.

> ** My UNIX admin tried the install but it failed (I will ask him to
> me with the error detail), so he has dropped the whole thing-sigh!

Well there's nothing to stop you installing freetds under your home
You won't have to involve anyone else then.

Here's what I do :

1) cd $HOME
2) mkdir freetds

3) get the freetds version you want to install (stable or latest snapshot)
into your home directory
4) untar the tarfile, which should create a separate directory

then you need to configure freetds.
One thing that caused me problems was the C compiler.
I had both the SUN C compiler and gcc available on my box. I wanted to use
the Sun one.

I found the easiest way to "force" freetds to pick the SUN compiler was to
set the CC environment variable to point to my C compiler

5) setenv CC '/this/is /where/my/Ccompiler/is'

then you could try running configure.

First up I'd try :

6) cd <top level directory from the tarball>

7) ./configure --prefix=$HOME/freetds --disable-libiconv

disabling libiconv will circumvent a whole number of issues that might
otherwise arise.

If this all seems to work, then you should be able to:

8) make


9) make install



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> From:	Rafi Sheikh [SMTP:Rafi.Sheikh at Ingenix.com]
> Sent:	28 June 2004 16:32
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> Subject:	[freetds] MSSQL on AIX 5.1
> I have a basic request.  I have read through the manual, however, this is
> our first undertaking so basically 1/2 blind leading the blind kind of
> thing.  Is there any step by step of how to install FreeTDS on AIX
> machine?
> If any one has done it, I would be indebted to you, if you list what you
> did, or even which version, etc.
> * The more I read in FAQ, manual etc. the more I am confused by the
> breadth
> and depth of the topic; its a curse for being a newbie.  
> ** My UNIX admin tried the install but it failed (I will ask him to
> provide
> me with the error detail), so he has dropped the whole thing-sigh!
> TIA-squared
> RS
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