[freetds] can't connect through php

Cory D. Wiles cwiles at eperformax.com
Fri Jun 25 16:54:03 EDT 2004

OS:Fedora Core 2
PHP: 4.3.6
MSSQL 2000 server
I was able to install freetds just fine and I am able to telnet/use tsql 
to connect to the database but when I try to do it through my php test 
page I get a failed connection error.  I checked my freetds log and this 
is what it said:
TDS: Write failed in tds_write_packet
Error: 111 (Connection refused)
12:01:32.279874 tds_client_msg: #20006: "Write to SQL Server failed.". 
Connection state is now 0.
12:01:32.279980 tds_process_login_tokens()
12:01:32.280024 looking for login token, got  0()
12:01:32.280055 tds_process_default_tokens() marker is 0()
12:01:32.280084 leaving tds_process_default_tokens() connection dead
12:01:32.280121 tds_client_msg: #20014: "Login incorrect.".  Connection 
state is now 4.
12:01:37.329451 UNIMPLEMENTED dbsettime()
12:01:37.329582 UNTESTED dbsetmaxprocs()


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Cory Wiles
Systems Engineer
ePerformax - Memphis, TN

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