[freetds] PHP+MSSQL compile on AIX 5.1

Martin Spott Martin.Spott at uni-duisburg.de
Thu Jun 24 01:58:13 EDT 2004

"Lowden, James K" wrote:

> There shouldn't be anything special about AIX, unless you have
> ancient build tools.  It's guaranteed to work with GNU, or your money
> back.

There are several occurrences of comments starting with  "/**", for
example src/tds/mem.c (last line), src/tds/token.c, read.c, write.c
I just tried compiling the current CVS source and my compiler doesn't
stop barking:

mem.c:1596:3704: warning: "/*" within comment
mem.c:2015:1: warning: null character(s) ignored
mem.c:2015: error: stray '\4' in program
mem.c:2015: error: stray '\16' in program
mem.c:2015:3693: warning: null character(s) ignored
mem.c:2015:3698: invalid suffix "Ff" on integer constant
mem.c:2015: error: stray '\210' in program

After removing these traps things don't look that bad - unfortunately I
don't have any Sybase server at home so I cant' test this build (does
anyone have a cheap ASE for AIX ?  ;-)

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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