[freetds] PHP+MSSQL compile on AIX 5.1

Daniel Fazekas fdsubs at axelero.hu
Wed Jun 23 14:03:26 EDT 2004

On Jun 23, 2004, at 18:29, Rafi Sheikh wrote:

I hope I'm not in violation of "any dissemination, distribution or 
copying of this e-mail is prohibited." by quoting you. :)

> archive that with 4.3 of PHP one can use with --mssql for it to work.

Yes, --with-mssql actually.

> Should I compile PHP also with --tsql also?

tsql is completely unrelated to PHP. It is built by default when you 
build FreeTDS. It's primarily a tool to test if FreeTDS works.

> So far since MySQL support is built in with PHP I did not have to
> deal with it.

Then you'll be glad to hear that this is changing somewhat with PHP 5 
and the MySQL client libraries will no longer be bundled. ;)

> DO I NEED the unix odbc?

Not unless you want to use the odbc_* functions instead of mssql_*.


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