[freetds] unixODBC + FreeTDS + SqlServer 7.0 ramdom connection

David Eliseo demc22 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 22 22:19:49 EDT 2004


I need to know if someone has seen a behavior like

I have a RH 8.0 configured with FreeTDS 6.0, unixodbc,
php, It works fine conneting to SqlServer from isql
and tsql.

I have an php test page for quering data from a
database in SqlServer, the wird thing is that it
connects ramdomly, I mean that if I access that page
it could return the query data, if I refresh it could
return the data again or it could return odbc error
SQL error: [unixODBC]Statement option not implemented,
SQL state 08001 in SQLSetStmtOption.

It could have been an error in the first try and
correct data in the second or so on.

The sqlserver runs on a Win NT 4.0 Service Pack 6

you can check what i'm saying at

(I you don't get an error message, try refreshing it
untill it shows an error)

If more information is needed just tell me.

The error log in httpd doesn't show anything about
that problem.

Shoul I turn TDS loggin on or something to detect the

Any help will be appreciated.

David E. Martínez

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