[freetds] Oracle HS can't open lib error

Gregg Anderson ganderson at ghx.com
Thu Jun 17 17:00:05 EDT 2004

We have successfully gotten Oracle HS to talk to SQL Server 2000 on three different Solaris boxes, but on our 4th attempt we can't seem to get Oracle to talk.  I am not sure if this is a unixODBC issue or FreeTDS, but both isql and tsql connect and query without issue.  It seems that most our environments are different patch levels and configurations, so I am at a loss.

Here is the HS log output with the error.  We have checked paths, but all seem to be there and read/execute are granted to all.

Oracle Corporation --- WEDNESDAY JUN 16 2004 23:01:43.563


[Generic Connectivity Using ODBC] version:
connect string is: defTdpName=CATALYST1;SYNTAX=(ORACLE8_HOA, BASED_ON=ORACLE8,
<datasource name='CATALYST1' type='GENERIC_ODBC_FOR_HS' connect='CATALYST1'>
<misc year2000Policy='-1' consumerApi='1' sessionBehavior='4'/><queryProcessor
parserDepth='2000' noInsertParameterization='true' noThreadedReadAhead='true'
ORACLE GENERIC GATEWAY Log File Started at 16-Jun-04 23:01:44
[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib
'/usr/local/freetds/lib/libtdsodbc.so.0.0' : ld.so.1: hsodbcCATALYST1: fatal:
libodbcinst.so.1: open failed: No such file or directory (SQL State: 00000;
SQL Code: 0)
(Last message occurred 2 times)

Closing log file at WED JUN 16 23:01:45 2004.

Any ideas?


Gregg Anderson
Senior Software Developer

Global Healthcare Exchange
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