[freetds] Sybase 4.2 crash

Thompson, Bill D (London) bill_d_thompson at ml.com
Thu Jun 17 08:24:47 EDT 2004


I *think* we get stack traces on old versions of Sybase, regardless of the
TDS version....

I remember our DBA's researching it and telling me that Sybase admitted it
as a bug which was fixed in subsequent sybase versions


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> I have just learned about another example of crashing a Sybase server with
> FreeTDS.  Like every such case, it used TDS 4.2.  Unusually, the server
> was not 12.5 or something; it was 11.0.3, as above.  
> I think we should do one of these things with TDS 4.2:
> 1.  Disable it.  
> 2.  Call tds_client_msg() with a warning whenever it's enabled.  
> 3.  Fix it. 
> The only reason I can think of to use TDS 4.2 is with Microsoft servers
> prior to SQL Server 7.  *Maybe* it works with those servers, but that
> seems unlikely to me, because such servers are so rare nowadays.  It
> hasn't been sold since, what, 1998?  
> Great harm comes from crashing a server: to the poor programmer at the
> hands of his admin and his manager, to the project's reputation, and even
> to free software generally.  Never mind, potentially at least, to the
> data.  
> If anyone reading this message would be adversely affected if the next
> release of FreeTDS dropped support for TDS 4.2, please say so.  If no
> one's willing to fix it, I think it should go.  
> Thanks.  
> --jkl
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