[freetds] Sybase 4.2 crash

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Thu Jun 17 07:59:36 EDT 2004

> SQL Server/ 8297 ESD 4/OPT/Fri Mar 12
> 00:33:51 PST 1999

I have just learned about another example of crashing a Sybase server with
FreeTDS.  Like every such case, it used TDS 4.2.  Unusually, the server
was not 12.5 or something; it was 11.0.3, as above.  

I think we should do one of these things with TDS 4.2:

1.  Disable it.  
2.  Call tds_client_msg() with a warning whenever it's enabled.  
3.  Fix it. 

The only reason I can think of to use TDS 4.2 is with Microsoft servers
prior to SQL Server 7.  *Maybe* it works with those servers, but that
seems unlikely to me, because such servers are so rare nowadays.  It
hasn't been sold since, what, 1998?  

Great harm comes from crashing a server: to the poor programmer at the
hands of his admin and his manager, to the project's reputation, and even
to free software generally.  Never mind, potentially at least, to the

If anyone reading this message would be adversely affected if the next
release of FreeTDS dropped support for TDS 4.2, please say so.  If no
one's willing to fix it, I think it should go.  



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