[freetds] FreeTDS confiuration problems with AIX 5.1

hany heggy hany.hegy at etelvaz.com
Wed Jun 16 15:10:40 EDT 2004


i am trying to install freetds-0.62.3 under AIX 5.1.5
and i have installed unixODBC 2.2.9 and it works fine with DB2 driver 

i had installed freetds-0.62.3 under RedHat 9.0 and it works fine

I follow these steps:

1.Install freetds
1.1  untar freetds.tar that creates /freetds-0.62.3 directory
1.2  cd /freetds-0.62.3
1.3  ./configure
1.4  make
1.5  make install 

2. Install freetds driver under unixODBC 
2.1  cd /freetds-0.62.3/samples
2.2  ./unixodbc.install.sh 

3. Extract driver shared object from archive
3.1  cd /usr/local/lib
3.2  for i in *tds*.a
     ar -vx $i
     which extracts thise shared objects:

4.Confiure freetds driver under unixODBC
4.1   cd /usr/local/etc
4.2  vi odbcinst.ini
     Description     = FreeTDS unixODBC Driver
     Driver          = /usr/local/lib/libtds.so.o
     UsageCount      = 1

4.3  vi odbc.ini
     Driver          = FreeTDS
     Description     = MS SQLServer
     Trace           = No
     Servername      = MOROCCOSTAR
     Database        = DB123
     UID             = user123

4.4  vi 
     host        =
     port        = 1433
     tds version = 8.0

5.1  cd /usr/local/bin
5.2  ./isql DB123 user123 pass123
     gives this error
     [ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect

5.3  checking id SQLConnect is found in this shared object
     cd /usr/local/bin
     ./dltest /usr/local/lib/libtds.o SQLConnect

    SUCCESS: Loaded /usr/local/lib/libtds.so.o
    ERROR: Function not implemented (SQLConnect)
    Could not find SQLConnect

it seams that the shared object that i used is not for ODBC usage of

can u pls tell me which FreeTDS archive name should I extract and what
is the name of shared object that i should put in

thanks in advance

hany heggy

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