[freetds] how to configure freetds under AIX 5.1.5

Hany Heggy hany.hegy at etelvaz.com
Tue Jun 15 18:39:39 EDT 2004

  Hi all,

  1st of all i would like to thank everybody who worked with FreeTDS and unixODBC as since years ODBC access to MS SQL Server was a night-mare under UNIX machines
  and now thanks to those guys, it is a piece of cake !

  2nd i have a problem configuring FreeTDS under AIX, even i could configure FreeTDS under RH Linux and i can access MS SQL server easily

  i got freetds tar file and as normal
  i extract the tar 
  make install

  cd samples 

  then under AIX we should extract archive files that represent the driver
  cd /usr/loca/lib
  ar -vx  odbctds.a

  and then i go /usr/local/etc

  and configure odbcinst.ini and odbc.ini

  and i tried isql it does not work

  is there is something missing or wrong ?
  is there any differences between configure FreeTDS under Linux and AIX 

  any advise ?

  Hany Heggy,

  IBM Certified System Support, AIX 4.3
  Senior System Engineer 
  Media City Public Free Zone
  6th of October City, Egypt
  Mobile: +20-101717563

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