[freetds] Here's something any/everyone could help me with...

Pete Prodoehl pete.prodoehl at cygnusinteractive.com
Tue Jun 15 11:24:55 EDT 2004

Thompson, Bill D (London) wrote:
> I've got a little (rather unimportant) problem that I've been wondering
> about for a while.
> I'd welcome any suggestions anyone might have.
> I've written a program that will migrate the data in a table from one server
> to another.
> It can move data from Sybase -> SQL server, vice versa, or from like to
> like.
> It's superfast, and will copy say 5000 rows of data a second between the
> servers.
> I've used it to migrate 400 Gb of data from Sybase to SQL Server for
> example. 
> My problem is the command line interface to the program. It's really awful !

> I thought I could have a "-C <filename>" flag, which would point to a config
> file that holds the sensitive data
> If <filename> didn't exist, it would prompt for the data, and create it. 
> Has anyone got any other suggestions  ?

I'd prefer the config file option, as this doesn't seem like something 
you would do every day, well you might, but you would automate the 
process then... I'd want to be able to create a config file with all 
variables defined, and then run the program and have it display what my 
config file has so I can confirm all is well, and then run. (Perhaps 
asking for username/passwords on the command line at runtime, so they 
are not in the config file?)

Just my 2 cents...


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