[freetds] Re: Freetds freebcp

R. Klemme bob.news at gmx.net
Tue Jun 15 11:10:32 EDT 2004

Hi James et al,

> Now here are my findings: if I have a table with a PK and add an index
> with
> the same conditions as the PK but with option "IGNORE_DUP_KEY" set, the
> error message changes and duplicates are simply dropped (tested with MS's
> bcp) but the other rows are inserted ok.  Of course it's quite useless to
> have the same index twice, but the same happens if you drop the PK.
> So in any case, this is the Oracle like behavior, which really helps us. 
> We
> didn't find this because we looked only at bcp options. :-)  Now I just
> have
> to check whether we have to face any any disadvantages when we exchange
> the
> PK for a normal index.

Ok, here's another interesting / strange thing: if you use option -b
batch_size with the original bcp, the complete batch does not insert *any*
data if there is at least a single PK violation.  If you omit this option,
only duplicate rows are ignored.  Note also, that usage of option -m
max_errors does not have any impact on this.  This is really wired...

Kind regards


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