[freetds] dbbind, dbnullbind issues

Thompson, Bill D (London) bill_d_thompson at ml.com
Tue Jun 15 05:13:03 EDT 2004


I've been wrestling with the features of dbbind and dbnullbind, and trying
to implement something that reflects :

a) what the manual pages say (both Sybase and SQL Server)
b) how the functions work in reality (for which I use a test program
compiled with Sybase open client)

I'm finding a few things in this area that are giving me problems:

1) The manual pages do NOT reflect how the functions actually behave. 
2) The actual behaviours don't make much sense sometimes. 

I could do several things:

1) code our dblibrary funstions so that they behave as specified in the
manual pages.
2) attempt to reflect the actual (but inconsistent) behaviour of the Sybase
3) code to a different, but clearer and arguably more sensible,

1) has the advantage of clarity, but may lead to problems with applications
originally coded against Sybase open client, e.g. DBD::Sybase 
2) is proving a bit difficult, as I'm having problems working out the
underlying logic from the results I'm getting.
3) would lead us down the road of providing our own man pages for the
dblibrary functions.

What do you reckon  I should do ?



Bill Thompson
GMI Technology
Merrill Lynch Europe

+44 207 995 8307

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